Work Experience & Projects

Danny W. Brown, has many years of  experience in oilseeds processing, industrial construction and commercial construction. The following is a brief list of projects that we have personally procured, budgeted and installed:

• Crown 1000 ton per day solvent extraction plant. This included foundation design, equipment layout, installation of extractor, desolventizing toaster, dryer cooler, first stage evaporator, second stage evaporator, hexane storage, hexane work tank, mineral oil system and all associated piping, controls, catwalks, pipe supports and electrical systems.

• Alfa Laval miscella refineries with a capacity of 300,000 lbs per day of vegetable oil refining.

• DeSmet caustic injection system and automated high shear mixer. This system allows the complete automated control of solvent concentrations in miscella and controls the baum a in the caustic mix to maximize the refining process.

• 50 delinter machines and related conveying, electrical and controls. This process removes the outer layer of lint on cottonseed processing. Each machine is similar to a small gin stand and requires 50 HP motors.

• Oilseeds preparation room including flaking rolls, conditioning system, cookers, expanders and coolers.

• Oilseeds separation room including Cantrell decorticators, shakers, aspirators, air cascades, pneumatic systems, screw conveyors and conditioning equipment. All necessary catwalks, pipe and conveyor supports were also erected.

• Cleaver Brooks 600 HP natural gas fired boilers with DA tanks, RO System, boiler water treatment system and associated piping and electrical.

• English biomass 800 HP boiler designed to burn various types of materials. The system was also fitted with a natural gas ignition and replacement system to allow the boiler to be operated with natural gas during times that biomass material is not available. All related raw material tanks and conveying were installed. The system utilized a blower grinder on the feed inlet to allow for biomass material to be shredded and burned in suspension in the furnace chamber. The heat then rises into the tube chamber to heat water and produce process steam.

• Soapstock acidulation, desolventization and saponification system used to reduce the amount of soapstock (gums from oil refining) that is added back to the defatted meal in the desolventizing toaster.

• Numerous pre-engineered metal buildings and concrete foundations.

• Over 500,000 square feet of commercial roofing.

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