Every project is approached with fresh eyes and a fresh perspective that insists on challenging what the day brings.  To do this, we get involved with the General Contractor early to map out the erection plans and coordinate the process so other trades can be scheduled at the optimal times to maximize production.

Metal buildings offer the most economical and efficient solution when large, open areas of floor space are required.  A metal building is ideally matched for industrial buildings and warehouses.  RBD can erect these buildings ranging from bay spacing of 20 to 40 feet.  This allows the the units to be more economical.  Industrial buildings often employ top running cranes, underhung cranes, monorails and gantry cranes.  All of these require extra support  and structural integrity.  Some examples of the variety of metal buildings include:

  • Warehouse Buildings
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Storage Buildings
  • Plants
  • Industrial Crane Buildings